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Heat detection


The profitability of dairy products depends on the fertility of the herd, which is based on optimized lactation intervals.


Timing is the key factor to maintaining good fertility. The equation is simple: identify the exact time for breeding


= improved pregnancy rates.


Detecting when animals are in heat is crucial. High-yielding cows maintain short periods with few visual indications. Due to the fact that the cows may be in heat at any time, heat periods during the night may not be detected.


In the case of larger herds, the challenge is even greater, as farmers can completely lose animals in heat.


While breeding programs may vary from one farm to the next, the causes of reduced fertility - and subsequent losses - remain the same. In order to maintain maximum yield in terms of fertility


and company profitability, dairies must address these aspects:


Twenty-five years of research have confirmed a direct link to the increase in activity and the heat of a dairy cow. Computerized heat detection






The ATF and AMC system can use a very important accessory especially for veterinarians: Air Stick

A complete system with cutting-edge electronics that transmits data to the central computer via Bluetooth.

The intelligent system can store 10 programmed actions chosen by the vet and automatically synch with the system database


Codice 40490 Air Stick





Dairy cows are particularly prone to health problems, which affect their productivity during production. In order to guarantee high productivity, farms need to supply systems capable of monitoring and anticipating possible problems deriving from environmental comfort.


Precisely for this reason, the AMC PANAzoo system can provide:


Correct feeding times

Correct Factor of eating behavior

Comfort Temperature

Correct rest times


The Dairy Farm Manager software can highlight the state of an animal's health with a single graph, accurately providing a highly reliable vital parameter X







AMC NECK is the first system based on a pure real time system for counting cow movements to detect heat.


Continuous improvements have made AMC a very reliable system for fertility management.






Essential for company productivity

Reduced gestational intervals increase profits

Reduced workload

Selectively breed the best heads and eliminate non-productive ones.

Researchers have shown that restlessness in cows indicates the onslaught of birth 24 hours

prior to the event




The rumination Factor reveals the animal's health condition. Health and well-being indicator.

Early diagnosis of a disease will ensure better care is provided.

It reduces the use of antibiotics in supportive care It reduces the sale of animals, slaughter and death.




 Animal comfort is important in the stables. Adequate rest is an indication of health while excessive rest is a sign of disease.

Rest time is an indication of the animal's state of health

An adequate period of rest helps to increase milk production








The comfort temperature is a very important factor for the production of milk; research has highlighted that the higher the temperature, the greater the drop in production.






Monitoring feeding time helps to diagnose any problems in advance.






The ATF+ system ensures up to 1500 metres of radio signal coverage under ideal conditions. The life of integrated high capacity batteries is estimated to be around 5 years. Our company guarantees the reconditioning of AMC with flat batteries thanks to the RECHARGE campaign.








Dairy Farm Manager 10.0

Dairy Farm Manager is the new software used for data processing related to AMC and also for the whole milking parlour.

In a milking system where all animals are fitted with a NECK AMC, we are guaranteed a reliability level in excess of 89% for the accuracy of the heat research and, therefore, for the precision of insemination.

We can also have a reliability of more than 93% for the health factor (Rumination, Temperature, Food and Rest)

Our software means you can monitor each individual cow on the screen in real time and notifies you of any changes associated with the onset of heat and/or animal health.

The animal data is detected in real time every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, and is transmitted wirelessly to the central PC where it can be viewed from any mobile device currently available on the market









The system sends an email with settable times to guarantee optimal insemination times, health interventions and maximum efficiency.

There is no impact on your work routine, so things can continue exactly as they were. In addition, the system still works even if you do not have an Internet connection, as an internal Wifi network is created to handle messages within the farm.

So, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can receive heat and health data, helping you make relevant decisions quickly and easily.

Thanks to simple and intuitive graphs, we can verify in the software the analysis of:



Comfort temperature


Motor activities

The first four items of data are part of the X factor, the health status of the animal.


It has been proven that providing an accurate warning of the signs of disease, helps prevent the onset of acidosis, ketosis, mastitis and lameness










Calculating System Repayment


Example of calculation for the ATF PLUS system repayment

These systems generate a significant gain for the company and they also guarantee significant monitoring for breeding. Of course, earnings and the repayment period depend on market conditions and the individual starting point as a farmer. But to give you an idea, here is an example of how the repayment period of an AMC Activity Monitoring System heat detection system is calculated.


Let's suppose that the reduction in time between calvings obtained with the AMC produces a profit of 2 Euro per day.


For a farm with 120 cows this means:


• The purchase price of a system with 120 heat detecting AMCs and an antenna is Euro 12,000.00


• The AMC heat detection reduces the time between calvings by 15 days


• So, by reducing the time between calvings, the farmer earns 15 x 2 x 120 = Euro 3,600 per year


In addition to Euro 3,600 a year from increased milk yield, by reducing the time between calvings, the farmer also has an advantage because his cows are inseminated more efficiently:


• The farm's insemination figure decreases from 2.5 to 2.2.


• We are assuming an average sperm price of € 40 per dose.


• The most efficient insemination that this farm has is


Cows 120 x number of inseminations 2.5 x Euro 40 = Euro 12,000.00


Cows 120 x number of inseminations 2.2 x Euro 40 = Euro 10,560.00


Difference 12,000.00 - 10,560.00 = Euro 1,440.00 less!


The annual income and repayment term for ATF + and AMC for this farm are:


Annual earnings: Euro 3,600 + Euro 1,440 = Euro 5,040


The system's repayment period for this farm is Euro 12,000 - 5,040 = 2.3 Years for a return on costs!


Investing in the AMC heat detection system for this plant will see it pay for itself in about 2-3 years. Repayment period: about 2 years!

*Assuming average conditions in Europe.





















Touch 7 AMC *disponibile dal 2020

ATF+ Automatic Tag Finder

Slave ATF+Automatic Tag Finder

Cavo 5 Mt. Antenna

Antenna Radius 250 Wi-Fi

Antenna Radius 600 Wi-Fi

AMC NECK completo















Software DFM+

ATF+ Automatic Tag Finder

Slave ATF+Automatic Tag Finder

Cavo 5 Mt. Antenna

Antenna Radius 250 Wi-Fi

Antenna Radius 600 Wi-Fi










Activity Monitoring  Control Plus

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Smart Configuration


The Touch 7 system manages all animal alarms, can display the correct insemination times, statistics and graphs locally in the table.

A daily email report on the animals in heat is available and mobile devices can be connected to provide a constant update on the situation in the stable.

Furthermore, data can be downloaded via USB.










Premium Configuration


The Dairy Farm Manager programme handles all the plant management and related reports. A daily email report on the animals in heat is available and mobile devices can be connected to provide a constant update on the situation in the stable.

Furthermore, data can be downloaded via USB.