New DLL Implementation Selection Group  and Touch 5

Implementation of Bailè Interface Automation for rotary French system

Implemented rotary with 64 milking place

New implementation of RADIO communication with portable JetTouch milking stations

Improvements in ATF+ system

Insert of new optimization database functions

Modify estimated calving days for sheep

Improvments in milking real time information

Improvments in rotary farm communication module

Minor bug fix





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Our Professional system is Europe's leading Dairy Herd Management software. It includes all the features found in Standard but takes Herd Management to the Professional level with detailed analysis on fertility, production, and Herd health. It also includes feed calculations, milk quota profiles and optional farm costing's and powerful two-way parlour link modules. Includes all the features found in Standard

Unique SPP (Standard Peak Production) Benchmarking on the individual cow management group, and monthly calving groups. Herd Health Reporting (including graphic Somatic Cell Counts) Fertility Analysis including Q Sum with graphic reports that are quick and easy to understand and track the herds performance.

Automatic feed calculations for Days in Milk and Maintenance Plus, all with flexible parameters to suit the Herds Management Monthly Quota Predictions. Ability to create your own reports in the format you require Range of specific reports designed for your Vet and farm consultants that can be emailed directly from your program.

Optional Monthly Performer giving detailed financial analysis on the herd , 12 month milk forecasts and detailed culling analysis.

A support contract provides telephone, e-mail, and online PC-to-PC support from our dedicated UK support desk. This ensures customers make the most of their management system. In addition to newsletters and User meetings all customers with a current support contract receive the latest updates to their UNIFORM Professional management program.

This way it remains up to date with the latest program enhancement and legislative changes when they occur.





Situation and monitoring in real time of the

cleaning of your milking installation.

With monitoring of temperature for cleaning

in the milking area. Cleaning times.


Smart Acktiv Cow is a system integrated on the MPC. It uses an algorithm (with patent pending) to indicate, with a high degree of precision, the animals with general problems and, with a good degree of precision, the animals ready to be inseminated.

These pages show the lists generated by the MPC after analysis of the data.



On the configuration page, you can check the Key Access serial number and configure the software language. You can change the operating language from English to your language of preference.

It is possible to use the webcam to monitor operation of the system even in remote mode.



The integrated MPC Milk Point Controller system is a Management system that permits monitoring of the milking installation, anywhere and in real time, at home or while working in the fields. The system can manage your complete installation, milk point and alarms, with SMS alerts, remote connection, and a remote system for saving data via i-AIR server, whereby all your data are made available at all times.

The MPC management software allows you to view all milking data in real time. It is unique in that it permits the connection of all milk points with a single data transmission cable. A report is drawn up every day listing all production, insemination, alarm and treatment data.

MPC is also equipped with SMART AKTIVCOW, a data management system for monitoring and analysing the HEATdata of animals.

MPC monitors water temperature during the cleaning process, indicating the inlet and outlet temperature of the water and the circulation times.







Monitoring in real time of all data during the milking process, with indication of alarms. There is a touch screen  server system for sorting the animals into enclosures as they leave the milk-house.









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