DFM Software

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The integrated DFM Dairy Farm Manager system is a Management system that permits monitoring of the milking installation, anywhere and in real time, at home or while working in the fields.
The system can manage your complete installation, milk point and alarms, with SMS alerts, remote connection, and a remote system for saving data via i-AIR server, whereby all your data are made available at all times.

Technical Data

The DFM management software allows you to view all milking data in real time. It is unique in that it permits the connection of all milk points with a single data transmission cable.
A report is drawn up every day listing all production, insemination, alarm and treatment data.
DFM is also equipped with S-C-A, a data management system for monitoring and analysing the HEATdata of animals.
DFM monitors water temperature during the cleaning process, indicating the inlet and outlet temperature of the water and the circulation times.


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