Jet Touch PLUS

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The Jet Touch Plus is a System for pipeline with sensor cell and Globai IDS Milk Meter Indicator, with built-in Pulsator, ergonimic and practical handle and milk panel.
It gives conductivity and temperature alarm, stimo pulsation and pulsation control.
Protection for milk/vacuum inlet,End milking light and radio transmission of data.

Technical Data

Detach Control
Advice detach Level setup each 0,10 c.c.
Timing Setup in Menu
Hystory saving Data
Pulsation Control
Stimo Pulsation
LCD Display
5 Milking Program
Temperature control in scale 0,5 °C
Conductivity Level in alarm stage
Key I Sense
Alarm via LED-Lamp
Remote control
Network CAN
Network rs 485
Network RADIO
System Llink



10420 Ø 40 mm – 2 PIN
10421 Ø 40 mm – 4 PIN
10425 Ø 52 mm – 2 PIN
10426 Ø 52 mm – 4 PIN
10430 Ø 63mm – 2 PIN
10431 Ø 63mm – 4 PIN

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